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After almost two decades in the Department of Economics of the University of Minnesota, and a brief appointment at the University of Sydney, I'm now a professor at the School of Economics of the University of Queensland. My research specializations are mathematical economics and game theory. In recent years I have been interested in computational issues arising out of the problem of getting a computer to find all Nash equilibria of a finite game, which has led me to learn about literature in algebraic geometry related to the solution of systems of polynomial equations. Along with Richard McKelvey, I have been able to apply the ideas there to characterize both the largest number of totally mixed Nash equilibria a "generic" normal form game might have, and the average number.

During the last few years I have been working with Richard McKelvey, Ted Turocy, and others, on Gambit, which is a free software package for dealing with finite games in normal and extensive form. It consists of two applications:

Random stumbling around has led me into a variety of other projects, and you can see by checking out recent papers. One exciting development is a very simple proof of Kakutani's fixed point theorem that Rabee Tourky and I came up with. For those who like "Book" proofs, let me also recommend the note on the Erdos-Sos conjecture. (You won't learn any economics, but you'll be able to read it even if you don't know much about graph theory.)

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